Hotel Argantonio

A comfortable hotel in Cadiz

Hotel Argantonio is remodeled from an old XIX century home, typically characteristic of the local architecture of Cadiz, mixing classical and colonial styles and surrounding the guest with its warm Arabic and Andalusian touches.

Hotel Argantonio delivers you into a relaxing and tranquil ambiance where you will find total luxury and comfort.

Our hotel is located in the center of Old Cadiz, near the commercial district, restaurants, bars, beaches and counting on all the infrastructure and services the city has to offer.

Escape to Cadiz this Summer 2014

Escape this summer to enjoy amazing beachs, good sun and a relax time in Cadiz. From 100,00€/per night (PAX: 2 people) taxes, breakfast-buffet and wireless connection are included. For further information about, do not hesitate and contact us calling to + 34 956 211640 or sending an email to